• 348 Union Ave
    Rutherford, NJ 07070
    United States
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    Rutherford is an ideal place to live. It is by far one the nicest towns in southern Bergen County with an easy commute to NYC via the Rutherford Train Station or bus, and is close to all major highways route 3 and 17.

    I moved here just for the schools, and the town is often hosting fun events for residents such as parades & festivals, and offers free outdoor concerts at Lincoln Park during the Summer. Rutherford is home to Felician College, and the Boat House hosted by the Nereid Boat Club.

    The downtown district offers many restaurants and shops. ?The restaurants are BYOB and there are no bars which means quiet neighborhoods. ?The town names itself the Borough of Trees because of all the mature trees that line the residential street. My home like many in this town line the Passaic River and to my surprise when a nighbor landed his sea plane on it.

    Truly a wonderful safe place to live.

  • 67 Park Ave
    Rutherford, NJ 07070
    United States
    5.0 star rating
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    This a a what I considered a Mom & Pop shop with a small selection of live plants addition to the flowers. ?All plants have nice planter, pots and beats what you get at garden stores and supermarkets and you can get them to re-pot some together to make a display planter.

    The staff is always nice and they customized their arrangement to your ?request and don't mind you coming to the shop to help make it.

    All my neighbors and friends use them for local delivery.

  • 33 Riveredge Rd
    Tenafly, NJ 07670
    United States
    5.0 star rating
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    Woah. you got to have faith to open during covid-19 pandemic but that is what Miso Teriyaki has done, abet takeout only for now due to Government Regulations.

    I got the shrimp fried rice, but also comes in beef, chicken and veggie is is the white style not brown. ? And of course you got to get the Shrimp Tempura but they offer the veggie version too.

    You can find ?teriyaki, teri-buns, yakisoba noddles, ramen, udon, Gyoza on the menu with mochi ice cream and boba tea too.

  • 20 W 34th St
    New York, NY 10118
    United States
    5.0 star rating
    • 4 check-ins

    Oh, how I miss looking up and seeing the Empire State Building specially at night to see how they did the lights and what colors they used.

    I can remember watching as a kid, King Kong on TV and when my parents took to me on a trip to the observation deck and I looking around for the spot where Kong hit, surly he must have made a big hole.

    And while there, learning that it was designed to have Air Ships moor at the top of the tower mast for passengers to disembark.

    Well today other buildings are bigger with more modern amenities and features. But they never be the building that King Kong made famous.

    Comment from Jean-Yves G. of Empire State Building
    Business Manager
    4/20/2020 Hi Tom,

    We're so happy to hear you enjoyed your visit back in the day! Since you miss looking at our…
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  • 1 Tudor City Pl
    New York, NY 10017
    United States
    5.0 star rating

    Woah who knew there was a serene park above at the east end of 42nd Street next to a sky bridge?

    For years on the west end 42nd St. I could see this sky bridge linking the two sides of the street that crosses 42nd St 50 feet above. And I always felt that was a perfect viewing spot for Manhattanhenge, and it was. But I didn't expect to find a small quiet park there too.

    There are stone steps on both sides of 42nd St and it is also adjacent to the steps at Ralph Bunche park at the other end that leads to the park once you climb up the steps.

    I think the park makes much more serene because of how it and the area, Tudor City is like separated from the rest of manhattan which is such a busy part of town where hundreds of thousands if not millions of people venture too. But yet you may find yourself enjoying the park by yourself or one or two other people.

    The park is mostly surrounded by a gate, but it's open to the public and you can find the entrance and just walk right in. There are plenty of trees and other greenery, and little stone walkways that lead to benches and chairs at various points of the park or walk to the bridge and check out 42nd St or goings-on at the East River.

  • 810 7th Ave
    New York, NY 10019
    United States
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    Robert Indiana was a painter, sculptor, and printmaker. Declaring himself a "sign painter," the center of Indiana's practice revolved around assembling wooden sculptures from found materials and stenciling painted words onto them.

    Nevertheless, Robert's work has become extremely popular in New York with his Hope and Love art installations and is characterized by an American style of bright colors and clearly defined contour.

    Its an instant photo op even if most know nothing of the artist behind them. ?

    Today more than ever 'HOPE' has more meaning in our times than even the artist could imagine.

  • 49 W 45th St
    New York, NY 10036
    United States
    5.0 star rating
    • 2 check-ins

    Once in a blue moon, I venture into to store to look at the action figures and collectibles, some new, many used. ?They also have CDs, DVDs, toys and yes even books on the main floor. The basement is Manga and magazines while the second floor is Japanese books.

    The prices can range from bargain to overprice but they do have sales on items they want to clear out. ?Most shoppers here are looking for items no longer found in the other stores because several years have past when they where produced or are no longer a must-have fad,

    I recently found Madonna Sex book for less than $18 when it originally cost $50 and I gave it as a Xmas gift to a friend who was a mad fan of hers and learns she had once had one on Ebay's watch that sold for a bid of $124.

    They also buy back books, action figures and the like but only pennies on the dollar.

  • 990 6th Ave
    New York, NY 10018
    United States
    4.0 star rating
    • 4 check-ins

    This is a new Paris Baguette that opened on 6th Avenue 2 doors down from the new Kristy Kreme.

    Many of these shops have now sprung around the tri-state area with different shapes and sizes. For those who don't know, Paris Baguette is a heaven for someone who loves French-inspired desserts as well as pastries with a Korean twist to makes them lighter and less rich.

    They have goodies from a chocolate chip cookie, and sticky buns to strawberry shortcakes and coffees too.

    You pick up a tray, grab anything you like, and eventually find a spot to sit down and enjoy or take to go, it's all good.

    Comment from Taylor G. of Paris Baguette
    Business Employee
    3/25/2020 Thank you Tom, we appreciate it and enjoyed reading your review.
  • 400 Park Pl
    Secaucus, NJ 07094
    United States
    3.0 star rating
    • 4 check-ins

    Hey, where do I report missing reviews and photos, does Yelp have a 'Lost & Found'? I think over time 2 dozen of my reviews have disappeared including the one for this place.

    Well I am a real shopper and not everything here is cheaper than other places I go to. ?so I only pick up items here they cost less than the other places I go to. I easily save $10, or $20 on a ?$100 trip. ?They have everything from bananas to flatscreens here, and a self-service online order pickup.

    The checkout is always underman and now that they got self-checkout they have even fewer humans working and it takes longer than before to get out of here.

    Secaucus has banded plastic bags which I support but cheapo Walmart charges 5 cents per paper bag. ?It's not the money is the cheapness to charge what you get free in any other store other than Aldi.

    Last but not least is the McDonald's here, same McDonald's food but they don't offer or honor any of the McDonald's nationwide specials. Nor do they have a good spot to wait for your order without blocking other shoppers trying to leave the store.

  • 359 East 68th St
    New York, NY 10065
    United States
    5.0 star rating

    Not being able to go out and about going through my phone looking for places I been too but not reviewed and there are lots and lots.

    Matto has this crazy deal you can get a good large cup of coffee and something to eat at $2 each. Even the cappuccino, machiatos too abet a small cup only. the cakes, cookies, croissants are fresh and taste good. Many other vendors charge more for the same thing. ?I never have gone wrong going to Mattos yet and I look forward to going back to them again.

    I think there are 11 Mattos Espresso in Manhattan and I been to 8 and this is my 6th review. like many businesses in the metro area they are temporarily closed.

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