• 1839 Central Ave
    Albany, NY 12205
    United States
    5.0 star rating
    • 2 check-ins

    The food here is so delicious!! Whenever I visit the capitol region I always come here. Its not only tasty, but its good quality food. It beats my favorite Afghan/Middle Eastern spot in nyc.

    The chicken kabob is mouth watering, tender, juicy with so much flavor. It doesn't even need the white sauce. Its good on its own. We also order the chicken kofta which was very flavorful as well. The portions were perfect.

    Our favorite appetizer is the Kadu Burani. The pumpkin is so soft and sweet, mixed with the sauce gives a nice contrast in flavor.

    For dessert I tried the Ferni. This really exceeded my expectations! It was light and refreshing and just the right amount of sweetness. The cardamom really shines through ans love the floral taste it gave. I finished the whole container so quick, prob one of the best puddings Ive tasted.

    Looking forward to coming back again! Def a gem in the capitol region.

  • 216-21 Northern Blvd
    Flushing, NY 11361
    United States
    5.0 star rating

    Cute Pumpkin themed corner cafe in Queens!

    The tiny pumpkins were so yummy and adorable. I love how they are made fresh and had real pumpkin seeds in them. They weren't too sweet either so thats a plus for me!

    To drink I was craving something light and refreshing, so I ordered the Pumpkin Rice drink. I wasnt sure what to expect, but man this drink blew me away. Its so delicious, just a hint of sweetness and the rice bits added a nice texture. Perfect! And the fact that its made from real mashed up pumpkins is awesome, so I would consider this healthy lol.

    I havent tried the bingsoo or the pumpkin lattes yet but I'll def come back and try them when Im craving for the Pumpkin Rice Drink again.

    Once the cool fall weather rolls around Im sure Ill be here more frequently. Who needs fake artificial pumpkin spice from Starbucks when you can get the real thing right here?! Oh, and you can see the Pumpkins they use also on the counter.

  • 7 W Village Green
    Hicksville, NY 11801
    United States
    5.0 star rating
    • 1 check-in

    I Finally found the Best Mexican Restaurant in NY. (Thank You Yelp!)

    I've been craving some good mexican food for a while, but all the places I've been to just wasn't cutting it.

    IANM checked all the boxes I've been looking for- fresh quality ingredients, authenticity, nice decor and ambiance, cleanliness, friendliness, good atmosphere, etc.

    Mama came by and greeted me and my kids. She was so kind and welcoming. I love when owners of restaurants come by and greet their customers, it shows that they really care.

    Right away I felt so happy just entering in. The atmosphere is very pleasant and makes you feel welcome. I love the open counters and glass window where you are able to see them making the food fresh.

    Everything on the menu looked so good! I ordered 3 empanadas (2 ground sirloin and 1 shrimp). They were alot bigger than what I expected! And stuffed! I was impressed. The crust was perfect. Most places cheat you and give you too much crust and only a little filling. Their crust was a great texture, thin and crispy (but not too hard) and stuffed well inside. The ground sirloin was so flavorful and the shrimp was good too, it had yellow rice, shrimp and some peppers in it. So it was like shrimp and rice in an empanada. My daughter asked to take a bite but them ended up eating it all lol.

    I also ordered the mexican corn, and 2 chicken tacos and 1 pernil.

    The corn was bomb! Perfect! I devoured it so quickly, not caring about the sauce all over my face. It was sooo good. Andit wasnt a small corn either or cut up. Other places cut up the corn or give you a small one.

    The tacos were really tasty and loaded. Again I was impressed by the portions inside. The pernil was so tender, juicy, flavorful and nice chunky pieces in it. The chicken was really good too with big pieces as well.

    To drink I ordered the Limonada Fresca with the Hibiscus flower. WOW. Not only was it pretty to look at as the flower turned the drink pink, but it was so refreshing. It wasnt too sweet either. Just the perfect amount.

    Service was great. One of the staff kept coming to clear the table for us and provided fresh napkins. I love how its a family business. You feel the warmth and love in the air.

    Last but not least, I LOVE how they are closed on Sundays, and that its a faith based establishment!!

    Im so happy I finally found THE Mexican restaurant I've been searching for. Worth the drive if ur not in LI. Cant wait to go again.

  • 780 W Beech St
    Long Beach, NY 11561
    United States
    4.0 star rating
    • 1 check-in

    I love thell design and set up of this place. Very clean, fresh, modern with a beach vibe feel. The hanging plants add a nice touch.

    I Ordered an Ocean Bowl which was really good. It has goji berries and blueberries on top.

    My kids both had the hidden carrot mac and cheese. It came with a a few sweet potatoe chips, some slices of apple and a juice box. With that being said, I think they should give kids the option to choose diffwrent sides. The cashier first told me the kids can choose from the sides menu, then was told we couldnt. The sweet potato chips were a little hard to chew for my kids. They werent that crunchy and tasted a little stale. The mac and cheese was good, but the portion was small for what you pay for.

    Overall its a nice place, but I feel like its a little overpriced. I havent tried the other items on the menu but for the kids meal it I dont think a small bowl of mac and cheese, a few slices of apple and stale chips was worth $8. The acai bowl I had was good.

  • 3308 Ditmars Blvd
    Astoria, NY 11105
    United States
    5.0 star rating
    • 1 check-in

    Don't walk, run here!

    This is the best greek seafood Ive had in a while. Taverna across the street has some SERIOUS competition. Actually the whole concept makes this place a standout amongst all the other greek spots in Queens.

    The decor is beautiful. They really did well with the theme. The area is very clean, bright and spacious.

    Inside there is a counter with an array of SUPER FRESH seafood. All the fish looked fresh and clean, and you can tell because it doesn't smell. You know the stench you smell at some fish markets? You don't get that here. Everything looked so good. You pick out what you want, choose a cooking style and they cook it for you on the spot.

    They had a variety of fish, clams, lobsters, king crab leg, calamari, different sizes of fish, including a humongous prawn that's bigger than my hand. We order 3lbs of whiting, 1 lb calamari, and 1 lb of jumbo shrimp. For sides we chose the babaganoush and rice.

    After ordering we sat down and were served delicious warm fresh bread. It was fluffy and delicious. We had two servings, but had to stop because I didn't want to fill up on too much bread and not have room for the seafood, but I really could've had more.

    The shrimp was grilled and had this amazing seasoning. It wasn't too overpowering either, the right balance. My eyes were tearing for the shear joy of eating such delicious food. I told my husband I wanted to cry it was so good.

    We were told by one of the chefs that the whiting was best fried, so that's how we ordered it. It was perfect. The right amount crisp, yet soft and the fish melts in your mouth. Plus, it wasn't oily or greasy at all!

    Servers were really attentive and kept giving us fresh water. The water carafes had fresh herbs and lemon/limes which is a nice plus. Bathrooms are spotless and tastefully decorated as well.

    We also had fried calamari which my kids loved. Perfectly fried, and not overly breaded either. Flavors were on point.

    For sure we will be coming back. This is officially our new go to Greek Seafood spot!

  • 1909 Utopia Pkwy
    Whitestone, NY 11357
    United States
    5.0 star rating
    • 2 check-ins

    I thought I had the best bagels in Montreal, but today I've been proven wrong.

    This place is legit. The 5 star reviews are true.

    I was craving a bagel, and rather than go to my usual spot in Astoria I went to this place because I had it bookmarked.

    There was a little bit of a line but it went fast. I came on a weekday afternoon. I ordered a bacon, egg, and cheese on a toasted everything bagel. I was surprised how fast they made it.

    The bagel was SO GOOD. My goodness. It was so good I couldn't stop eating, I ate it so fast I even bit my tongue lol.

    The bagel was the perfect texture. Just the right amount of dough. Not as thick as brooklyn bagel, which is good.. less carbs lol. But its the right amount. Soft and chewy, with a slight crisp on the outside.

    I will for sure come again. Oh, and there is free parking in the back!

  • 23-58 Bell Blvd
    Bayside, NY 11360
    United States
    3.0 star rating
    • 1 check-in

    What happened to Panera!?

    I came to this location while waiting to watch a movie with my kids. Pretty busy but they have ample seating. Prices changed on the pick 2 items. Now each item has a separate price. Personally I don't think its worth it for what you get. Its ok, but nothing spectacular. I feel like the quality of most Panera's went down the past few years.

    I asked for a Vanilla Almond Milk Latte and rung me up and gave me a completely different drink.

    Even my kids mac and cheese didn't taste that great. Its like they just popped it and microwave and put in a bowl. They served it with an organic yogurt stick which was good. They should include a kids a drink with it also, which they don't.

    I might come back for breakfast like a bagel or pastry, but not impressed anymore.

  • 157-18 Northern Blvd
    Flushing, NY 11354
    United States
    5.0 star rating
    • 2 check-ins

    This is my favorite spot for yummy korean fried chicken.

    Inside is very spacious with plenty of seating for small or big groups. Lots of tvs to watch sports and servers are kind and attentive despite being really busy at times. Wings are made fresh to order so they take about 35 minutes. While waiting they give you a bowl of savory flavored popcorn which is addicting. Be careful or else you will fill up on popcorn and not have enough space for wings.

    I usually order the Soy Garlic wings which is my fave. Medium comes with 12 wings and Large with 20. Don't ask me about the small because just a small basket of these perfectly crispy, flavorful, soy garlicky goodness is never an option. I've never ordered a small basket nor do I know how many is included. Go Big or Go Home.

    The wings are perfectly fried. Crispy flavor packed crunchy skin that isn't too thick like regular fried chicken. Perfect skin and juicy meat inside. When I've accomplished something good I treat myself to these wings lol.

    My kids love their mac and cheese. Its sooo good. They use several different cheeses and it really shines through. This is how mac and cheese should be. Pasta is al dente. Is it bad that I'm surprised that a Korean wing joint has close to perfect mac and cheese? Like seriously.

    They also have other delicious options on the menu but these are my go to!

    UFC is good too but MFC wins it for me for menu options, space, location, decor, etc.

    Happy Eating!

  • 2245 Broad Hollow Rd
    Farmingdale, NY 11735
    United States
    4.0 star rating
    • 1 check-in

    Been living in NY all my life but its my first time ?coming to Adventureland.

    Nice, small little amusement park good for young kids. Its really not that big so dont expect a six flags. ?One half is the kiddie section and the other half is for older kids.

    My 5 and 8 year old were kind of bored on some of the kiddie rides lol.

    Overall, its a good place to spend a few hours. I like how the parking is free and there's no entrance fee. ?

    Would prob come back again!

  • 162-16 Union Tpke
    Fresh Meadows, NY 11366
    United States
    4.0 star rating
    • 1 check-in

    Newly opened burger joint in the area, which was much needed! I love how the burgers are customizable and they have a variety of meat options, as well as a veggie burger and falafel. It def has shake shack kind of vibe, but the menu is more extensive and you can really order the burgers to your liking.

    Another poster was complaining of the prices, but thats because they prob didn't read the menu carefully. The duo is 2 burgers for $6.99, and trio is 3 for ?$9.99. The burgers are def bigger than white castle, thicker and more fillings. ?If you want the MEAL (fries and drink) its an extra 3.99.. for wagyu beef its an extra .79 and special add on to the burger is a little extra as well.

    That being said, I think the prices are good for what you get.

    I ordered a double meal and instead of fries I requested a caesar salad which they kindly obliged. I had a lamb burger and a merquez beef with classic toppings. Both burgers were delicious and filling for me. The size of the patties were thicker and I like how they loaded it well!

    I havent tried the fries so I can say anything about that, but they do have sweet potato fries which Ill prob try next time.

    Service is great, staff is so friendly. I think they are doing well for having just opened.

    Glad I don't have to go all the way to shake shack now for my burger cravings. Lots of tv's to watch games, family friendly, and spacious. Def check it out!

    Comment from Rehana B. of Burgerim
    Business Owner
    4/12/2019 Dear Maya, thanks for taking the time to leave us this amazing review. We would love to see you… Read more

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