The Best 10 Restaurants in Manila, Metro Manila

  • Ilustrado Restaurant


    744 Calle Real Del Palacio

    Manila City

    “Came here after touring Fort Santiago, so we were hungry after being out in the heat. And the quality of the food did not disappoint. We ordered: 1. Paella-- super flavorful, good portion size. Overall: delicious! 2.Bagnet binagoongan (pork belly with shrimp paste? I guess that's the English…”?more

  • Sky Deck View Bar


    Muralla Cor Victoria St, Intramuros

    Manila City

    “Over Christmas my wife and I were in Manila visiting family. My brother-in-law took us to The Sky Deck View Bar. OMG, a 360 view of Makati which really sets the atmosphere for a good time. Lots of expatriates there and everyone was having a great time. We stayed there about three hours enjoying…”?more

  • Cafe Ilang-Ilang


    Manila Hotel, One Rizal Park

    Manila City

    “One of the best, most elaborate and expensive buffets I ever had to-date. Located in prestigious Manila Hotel, right in heart of Manila's Tourist district. Week Day Lunch for just over CAD$65 (2700 pesos), I would definitely say it is worth every penny. Buffet is spread over a large dining area…”?more

  • My Kitchen by Chef Chris


    1032-34 Belen Street

    Manila City

    “My Kitchen by Chef Chris may have a simple, unassuming name, but it's a culinary experience not to be missed! The food is delicious, the ambiance is outstanding, and the service is exceptional. The menu offers you choices from a wide variety of pizzas, pasta, freshly baked breads, desserts, and…”?more

  • Wai Ying Fastfood


    810 Benavidez Street

    Manila City

    “A must if going to China town in Manila. I tried the Hakaw dimsum (pork and shrimp). Affordable and great service!”?more

  • Lan Zhou La Mien


    818 Benavidez Street

    Manila City

    “I once went here and had an order of steamed dumplings... By myself. They are THAT good. But I may just have just have a big appetite. But don't just take my word for it. Head on over to Binondo (they also have a stall in Divi's 168) and try a hearty plate of dumplings and/or their bomb Knife Mien!…”?more

  • Ongpin Ma?osa

    926 Ongpin Street

    Manila City

    “If you're looking to dine in a place that serves authentic Chinese cuisine, look no further that Ma?osa Ongpin. It is hands-down my favorite place to eat in in Chinatown. Gosh, where do I even start? Let's just say that I found out about this place since my mother used to eat here since she was a…”?more

  • Manam Comfort Filipino


    Esperanza St Cor Makati Ave

    Makati City

    “This was the first place we headed to once we got settled in our hotel. Lol That's how good this place is! Their food is definitely 5 stars! Service is 4 stars (very busy), but we don't mind too much coz the food comes out timely and they don't rush you out like in the US even when they're super…”?more

  • RAP Steaks and Cakes


    879 Dagonoy Street

    Manila City

    “The Good: Great Local Steaks at an affordable price! The Bad: Parking can be tough in this area The Pro-Tip: Their gravy and home-made steak sauce go great with anything on their menu! Starting out as a hole-in-the-wall lunch place for the nearby Universities, RAP has turned into a local…”?more

  • Shawarma Snack Center


    485 R Salas Street

    Manila City

    “The Good: Authentic Arabian food! As good as it gets in Manila The Bad: It's traffic getting to the place and the ambiance isn't the best. Pro Tip: The biryani rice is a sleeper hit! As stated above, this is probably the best Arabian food place in manila. You know an Arabian place is good when…”?more

  • Bug Kyoung


    555 Adriatico Street

    Manila City

    “This is one of my favorite spots to go to when I'm in Manila. Their jjajangmyun (black bean noodle) rivals that of ones I've had in Seoul. The best part is that they're open 24 hours so it's a perfect place for a late night bite.”?more

  • Tao Yuan Restaurant


    508-512 Gen. Malvar Street, Corner A, Mabini Street

    Manila City

    “The branch on lucky chinatown is one of the best cino.singaporean restaurants ever. The manager mr ngan and his staff are superb and promt to give u suggestions about their cuisine. For westerners ... try the sea mantis... it is a huge equivalent of the cicala di mare in italia... or the live rock…”?more

  • Harbor View Restaurant


    South Gate A, President Roxas Boulevard

    Manila City

    “This place opens at 11 in the morning. It's next to the Ocean Park, It has a nice view of Manila bay and close to Luneta Park. They offer Filipino food especially seafood. A lot of people will say that it's pricey but they need to understand that the location of the restaurant plus labor is…”?more

  • Flaming Wings


    5624 Taft Avenue

    Manila City

    “Living away from home forces you to be independent--you magically transform from this little rascal who makes Daddy buy everything she wants to this responsible and mature person who Daddy can be proud of. Living in Taft helps a lot in managing your expenses since there's a balance between cheap…”?more

  • Samgyupsalamat


    911 Kapitan Tikong Street Corner Leon Guinto Street

    Manila City

    “It took us awhile to forgive Samgyupsalamat. At their Kapitan Tikong branch months ago, we were very unsatisfied with the tough meat they served us. We used to be regular customers there so we knew our meat. Our visit at this new branch redeemed us as regular customers again. We were so happy to be…”?more

  • Harbor Square

    CCP Complex, Roxas Blvd.

    Manila City

    “I've always enjoyed the sea, and even garbage-infested Manila Bay calls out to me with its siren song. Back in my college days, I like to run along Roxas Boulevard, take a right when I reach CCP, and then watch the sunset from Harbor Square. You can choose from a bunch of restaurants here if you…”?more

  • The Aristocrat


    432 San Andres Street

    Manila City

    “Since 1928 this place is a old Filipino establishment. The review is really about their famous chicken on a stick. Though the meat is non discernible from other bbq meats. It was tender with a delish glaze and charred to perfection. Eggs sunny up was over cooked and meh. Adobo that came with was…”?more

  • Ababu Persian Kitchen

    Leon Guinto cor. Estrada Street

    Manila City

    “Hands down my favorite place to eat in in Taft Avenue! Ababu opened about a year ago and hasn't lost its momentum since, well at least for me. They serve Persian and Mediterranean foods which are two of my favorites! The best part? It's just a block away from my building so if you do visit,…”?more

  • Tim Ho Wan


    188-190, Robinson Place Manila ,Pedro Gil Street

    Manila City

    “Baked Bun with BBQ Pork: This will always be in our list of orders. That outer crunch concealing very hot, sweet, and meaty fillings always impresses us. Beancurd Skin Roll with Pork & Shrimp: I found this fascinating. It's not our regular order and I enjoyed its overall flavor. This will be…”?more

  • La Cocina de Tita Moning


    315 San Rafael St

    Manila City

    “If you're looking for an exclusive and classic Filipino food, this is the place to go. La Cocina de Tita Moning is stellar and in it's A game if we're talking about Filipino food! Right when you enter the house, the waitress offers you a complimentary lemongrass iced tea and grilled queso de bola…”?more

  • Arya Persian Restaurant


    2nd Level Midtown Wing, Robinson's Place Manila

    Manila City

    “Any Persian, Levantine or Mediterranean place is actually quite a haven for vegetarians and vegans. You have your usual plant-based options on every menu, and quite frankly, items such as falafels, vegetable sambusas, hummus, tabbouleh and moutabal are non-negotiables in any respectable Persian…”?more

  • Chicken Chicken

    Estrada St

    Manila City

    “If you're tired of the same-old 1-piece or 2-piece chicken, why not get yourself a 4-piece meal? I am a big fan of Chicken Chicken's food. It's this small karinderia-looking place along Estrada Street, a block away from Benilde Hotel. If you see the Santisima Trinidad Church, you've gone too far.…”?more

  • Phillypinas: The Artisanal Cheesesteak

    G/F, One Oasis Place, 2663 Sandejas St, Vito Cruz, Malate

    Manila City

    “From the name itself, I think it's already obvious what Phillypinas has to offer. This establishment brought Philadelphia's most iconic cuisines here in the Philippines. The perfect example would be their 9-incher Cheesesteaks, which are always served with fries on the side. The moment I walked…”?more

  • Premier The Samgyupsal


    1720 A Mabini Street

    Manila City

  • Handaan

    Pedro Gil Cor, Adriatico Streets, Ermita

    Manila City

    “I have always been a fan of any place that offers food with an amazing value. The food court at Robinson's has this place called Handaan which delivers just that. I like their combo meals because it strongly reminds me of some of the meals I sued to have as a student. Instead of having one dish, you…”?more

  • Ippudo


    M. Adriatico Street

    Manila City

    “After I found out there is an Ippudo in Manila, it was our first lunch after we landed! We don't have one in Los Angeles (yet) but I've heard a lot about it. It wasn't too crowded when we arrived around 11:30am but shortly after being seated, we noticed the wait outside getting longer and longer.…”?more

  • Gerry’s Grill

    G/F, 120-121, Ocean Park

    Manila City

    “We visited this place so my American friend can experience good Filipino food. I'm so happy that this place were able to provide that for a reasonable price. I'm also happy with the quality of service that they give to me and my foreign friend. I ask them if they can charge my phone and they were…”?more

  • New Bombay

    Robinsons Place

    Manila City

    “I discovered this restaurant since early 2014. I eat here once in a while. I'm always ordering Chicken or Mutton Biryani, and Chicken Kadai with chapatti bread. You can choose how spicy you want for the dish: none, mild, or full spicy. Me, I'd always like to be original spicy flavors of Indian…”?more

  • Chariya’s Thai Kitchen


    Sta. Elena Street Corner Soler Street

    Manila City

    “I discovered Chariya's Thai Kitchen because of my frequent visits to 168 Shopping Mall. I was very much pleased to find out that in the middle of all the fast food chains in the food court of 168, I'd be able to discover really good Thai food. Through my further research, I found out that Chariya…”?more

  • Purple Yam


    603 Julio Nakpil St cor. Bacobo St

    Manila City

    “If you're the type of person who likes to rendezvous, Purple Yam in Malate is one of those places for that. Originally from Brooklyn, New York, Amy Besa and Chef Romy Dorotan set out to put up a local outlet here in Manila. Last year, there was a call for the revival of Malate and the owners of…”?more

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