The Best 10 Real Estate in Manila, Metro Manila

  • Klaudine Yapyuco

    Amorsolo Drive

    Makati City

    “Klaudine Yapyuco is one of the finest real estate agents around. She's been doing what she does for the last five years and I believe that is mere testimony to her high level of professionalism, great attitude, and undeniable”?more

  • KMC MAG Group

    5th Avenue

    Makati City

    “When it comes to real estate services, some people often rely on their skills or referrals from people that they know in order to get the job done. However, I believe in leaving the job to the experts as they know their field”?more

  • Kondo Ko.

    Serving Manila and the Surrounding Area

  • Bonifacio Global City

    Bonifacio Global City

    Taguig City

    “There's probably no end to the things you can do in BGC, and it's easy to get around the area even on foot - provided you can bear the heat of Manila. You can easily walk from Bonifacio High Street, down to Serendra - even cross Market Market, all the way to SM Aura. Or go the other way, straight…”?more

  • Orlando Suites

    2489 Singalong cor. Estrada Sts.,

    Manila City

    “I have been living in Taft Avenue for 5 years now, three of which I have spent living in Orlando Suites. Before moving to Orlando Suites, we lived in a small apartment near Hotel Benilde. I'd like to be very straightforward and tell you that we got robbed there. Thieves actually broke into our…”?more

  • Phil Property Expert

    “I'm a Filipino who lives in the US. I bought pre-selling condo units in 2012 as an investment property, but little did I know that it's gonna be very hard to manage a property when you're thousands of miles away from it. But thank God that I found Phil Property Expert, I learned that they're the…”?more

  • Rizza Rustia

    “Rizza Rustia is one of the best real estate agents on the market today, and you would be lucky to have her work for you. I rarely get to meet independent or freelance real estate agents, but when I do, I know that they're likely”?more

  • The Grand Towers Manila

    Pablo Ocampo Sr. Street

    Manila City

    “I have a friend who used to live here and we would often pull off all nighters for exams. I really liked the vibe of the place that it gives off because unlike some condos that just feel like a plain apartment. The units here feel like you're actually living ala Will and Grace posh level. I also…”?more

  • Aztala Corporation

    66 West Avenue

    Quezon City

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