The Best 10 Nightlife in Manila, Metro Manila

  • House Manila


    1 Jasmine Drive, Newport City

    Pasay City

    “House is the new kid on the block. Just two months since it opened, they have invited international djs and performers to hook anyone up for a fun-filled…”?more

  • Comedy Manila

    “They call it "the Pinoy Standup Revolution." This group is at the forefront of spreading standup comedy in the Philippines! They're making the rounds in Manila…”?more

  • Sky Deck View Bar


    Muralla Cor Victoria St, Intramuros

    Manila City

    “Over Christmas my wife and I were in Manila visiting family. My brother-in-law took us to The Sky Deck View Bar. OMG, a 360 view of Makati which really sets…”?more

  • Z Roof Deck


    5660 Don Pedro Street

    Makati City

    “Since Z opened earlier this year, and since my visits from just a month ago, the hostel's roof deck and main attraction has undergone some changes. For one,…”?more

  • Time


    7840 Makati Avenue

    Makati City

    “Time nightclub is a lot of fun. It's a house music nightclub and the vibe is grimey (in a good way) and underground. Our Uber had missed it at first because…”?more

  • Oarhouse


    1688-B Jorge Bocobo Street

    Manila City

    “Howdy folks. Well, time for another "Nasty" review from good ol' Nasty Nathanial. Last night a friend of mine introduced me to this groovey place called the…”?more

  • Music Platinum Family KTV


    47 Polaris Street

    Makati City

    “Love karaoke? Music Platinum Family KTV won't disappoint. Located a fee minutes away from Alabang Town Center, Music Platinum Family KTV is sure to being out…”?more

  • The Bar


    Ayala Ave, Cor Makati Ave

    Makati City

    “Probably one of my favorite bars in the whole of Manila! When I want to have drinks after work or a nightcap after a late dinner, I will most probably end up…”?more

  • Valkyrie


    9th Avenue

    Taguig City

    “Supposedly THE most popular club in the city! My cousins were told how well rated this place was so I was all for it. Experiencing the nightlife in Manila is…”?more

  • Finders Keepers


    Pasong Tamo Ext. Corner Sabio Street

    Makati City

    “, a signal that you have arrived at one of the premier (non-clubbing) nightlife venues in Metro Manila. It's a really cozy place. Not that large, yet not as…”?more

  • O Bar


    Do?a Julia Vargas Ave

    Pasig City

    “I know I'm pretty much going to hell because I took my girlfriends out to their first gay club experience the night before we were all expected to go on a…”?more

  • Cowboy Grill


    A. Mabini Corner Arquiza Street

    Manila City

    “The place we return to every time we are in Manila. Safe place to have a great night out with family/friends. Heads up - need a sleeved shirt, no tank top…”?more



    Asean Avenue corner Roxas Boulevard

    Paranaque City

    “I've just recently gotten back to the party scene and drinking lounges are usually my thing while party places would always either be a hit or a miss. I enjoy…”?more

  • G-Point Smorgasbord and Bar


    510 Padre Faura Street

    Manila City

    “I visited this place on a Sunday night as I was staying in the lotus garden hotel less than a block away. I had a red horse beer as I had heard a lot about it.…”?more

  • Back to the 90’s


    37 Tomas Morato cor E. Rodriguez Sr. Boulevard, Kristong Hari

    Quezon City

    “It was such a coincidence that I was at Back to the 90's yesterday and it was apparently--Hashtag: Throwback Thursday. My friends from Concerned Artists of the…”?more

  • Sunset Bar


    Roxas Boulevard

    Pasay City

    “Stayed at Sofitel for a two nights and ended up eating here twice! I enjoyed the scenery since it is outside. It wasn't too hot since my bf and I decided to…”?more

  • Royal Club


    5343 General Luna

    Makati City

    “Early on Tuesday night clubs are not wound up yet. The music is better than expected though. Not so commercial, for a while a good hip hop mix. Drinks are not…”?more

  • The Penthouse 8747


    8747 Paseo de Roxas, Salcedo Village

    Makati City

    “Service was amazing! Staff was welcoming and informative especially when it came with the happy hour specials. The wagyu nachos are a definite must if you…”?more

  • Black Market


    2241 Chino Roces Ext., San Lorenzo Village

    Makati City

    “ interiors give way to a dingy industrial warehouse aesthetic. An underground electronica scene takes the place of the typical Traktor playlist found in other…”?more

  • thebar @1951

    1951 Adriatico Street

    Manila City

    “Always been a big fan of this place because it is an unpretentious place to go and hear some pretty good music. It is usually where some good jazz bands play…”?more

  • The Fort Strip


    28th Street

    Taguig City

    “Back in college, I believe most birthday parties were celebrated in the Fort Strip. Don't get me wrong, I am not the partying kind of girl. I am one of those…”?more

  • Wit Avenue Cafe and Bar


    1106 M. Dela Fuente Street

    Manila City

  • The Palace Pool Club


    9th Avenue

    Taguig City

    “ of the Metro and the rest of the nightlife population find themselves here to party on a Friday or Saturday night. So, Tip no. 3: Wear something you'll still…”?more

  • Exile on Main Street


    Unit 2, #2428 Leon Guinto Street

    Manila City

    “I've mentioned that my college friends and I had a permanent coffee shop that we "own" around Taft. This is another place that we have conquered (mainly,…”?more

  • The Music Hall


    Meralco Avenue

    Pasig City

    “With a very up-to-date sound system, scenic location, and the guest performances of many of the country's well-known Original Pinoy Music (OPM) artists, The…”?more

  • Rapture Cafe Bar

    903 Aurora Blvd, Cubao

    Quezon City

    “Rapture has come a long way. What started out as a seedy-looking bar along Aurora Blvd. in Cubao has transformed into a decent venue. With Palawan 1 and 2…”?more

  • Club Adonis


    55 Timog Avenue

    Quezon City

  • The Sherwood Place

    Taft Avenue

    Manila City

    “When I first came to the city, I was able to stop by Sherwood Place with my mom to take a break from apartment hunting. I thought it was cool to have this mini…”?more

  • Silya Restobar

    Nakpil Street

    Manila City

    “I have a Czech friend whom I met when I was in high school in the US, and we recently got reconnected during his visit to Manila. He was doing a Southeast Asia…”?more

  • Ko PopFriends Restaurant & Family KTV


    602 Remedios St

    Manila City

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