The Best 10 Automotive in Manila, Metro Manila

  • Wilson and Jackson Automotive Repair Shop

    “Wilson and Jackson takes credit for bringing Carlotta (my girlfriend's red Toyota Yaris) back to life. Carlotta got into an accident one night, when a taxi cut her from the right side, and in order to avoid further damage, decided to hit a street pole on the median instead. She was immediately…”?more

  • Car Zone

    830 Banawe Street, corner Sta. Catalina

    Quezon City

    “When I noticed that my car (a Ford Esacpe at the time) wasn't running as well as it should, I asked for the best options for car repair shops, since it was over warranty, and the Ford service area was too far from my house. My uncle recommended that I take it to Car Zone, since he knew the owner…”?more

  • Ziebart CarSavers - Makati

    Ground Floor , 2226 Chino Roces Avenue

    Makati City

    “Nowhere is a one-stop shop more significant for me than when it's a car shop. I drive a 14-year-old sports sedan that I totally, absolutely love, but I have to admit, maintaining an old car can be a pain. Going to one shop for exterior and interior detailing, another for mechanical repairs, and yet…”?more

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  • Rapidé

    2929 C. Raymundo Street

    Pasig City

    “I wonder how many days Rapidé has made. They have truly saved countless motorists from going insane on the road, or from having a heart attack due to some car part malfunctioning. My friends and I took a trip to Enchanted Kingdom last week and we panicked as we realized that the AC was no longer…”?more

  • Leon Guinto Auto Repair Shop

    1975 L. Guinto Street

    Manila City

  • NCL Miller West Ave

    Responds in about 1 hour

  • Tower of David Auto Supply & Repair Shop

    7234 J. Victor Street, Barangay Pio del Pilar

    Makati City

    “You may have seen an immediately curious large yellow gate near the PNR tracks at the end of Arnaiz (formerly Pasay) Road. Or not, depending on how often you venture into this side if Makati. Either way, Tower of David - longstanding purveyors of car aircon and electrical repairs - is unmistakeable…”?more

  • Big Bert’s Professional Detailers

    440 G. Araneta Street

    Quezon City

    “If there ever was such a thing as a high class car wash here in Manila, then you'll find Big Bert's Professional Detailers. I think they are the only car wash company I know that has their own website and multiple franchises across the Metro. Their services are pretty standard for any car wash…”?more

  • Carhub Philippines

    1022 North Edsa

    Quezon City

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